About Scott Harris

IMG_0846I have been fascinated by electronics since I was a small child.  I would take things apart, and reassemble them into something better (or, at least, different). I have been working in the electronics industry as a Sr. Electronics Technician for over 25 years. At UC Santa Cruz I worked in the Physical and Biological Sciences Division Electronics Shop, designing, building, and repairing equipment for both the teaching and research labs. I have built devices that have been to the bottom of the ocean, to both poles, and up into space. As computers started to replace specialized lab equipment, my focus shifted to Macintosh support. I ran the campus Apple Authorized Repair Shop for 10 years, supporting faculty, staff, and 15,000 students. I live to help people get the most out of their Apple computers. My first computer was a Mac IIsi, which I purchased in 1990.

I am also a Classical and Jazz musician, playing the Trombone, Flute, and Soprano Saxophone. I have performed all over the world.

I also volunteer on trips to Nicaragua to install solar electrical systems on schools and medical clinics in remote villages.